Our services

Covering Aircraft Maintenance, Technical Services, Consulting, and Strategy Development, our holistic services are designed to ensure the success and prosperity of your airline.

Complete Aircraft Maintenance

  • Line Maintenance: Keeping your fleet operational with efficiency and precision.

  • A-check: Comprehensive checks to maintain airworthiness.

  • Engine Maintenance: Specialized services for LEAP engines, including fuel nozzle replacement and HPTACC manifold inspection.

  • Engine Change: Seamless replacements to minimize downtime.

  • Engine BSI (Berscope Inspection): Advanced engine diagnostics for optimal performance.

  • Engine Compressor Wash: Utilizing both water and foam wash for improved EGT margin.

  • Cabin Maintenance: From repairs to refurbishments, we redefine interiors.

  • Interior and Exterior Cleaning: Offering dry wash, deep cleaning, and leather polishing.

Technical & Engineering Services
  • Asset Physical Inspections: Comprehensive examinations for asset health.

  • Asset Records: Meticulous management of aircraft records.

  • On-Site Representation: Professional Maintenance and Shop visits representation.

  • BSI Observation: Advanced engineering analysis for comprehensive evaluation of aircraft engine health.

  • Pre-Purchase Inspections: In-depth assessments for informed decisions.

  • Mid-Lease and End of Lease Inspections: Inspecting and managing all aspects of lease agreements.

  • Records Review and Digitalization: Streamlining record-keeping processes.

  • Deliveries: Ensuring all necessary documentation & Inspection for aircraft deliveries.

  • Re-/Deliveries and Lease Returns: Seamless processes for transition.

  • Registration Support (Import/Export): Navigating the complexities of registrations.

Engine Leasing

Offering comprehensive solutions for engine leasing and engine lease management.

Wet-Leased Fleet Management

We provide tailored strategies and operational excellence, ensuring your wet-leased aircraft fleet is efficiently managed.